Continuing on with the lid.  Pics taken with my cell phone (sorry for low quality).  

I cut an UPPER and LOWER lid form for pressing the new veneer chips into place.  I can only repair this in sections,
starting from the left.  I have cut new oak veneer chips, and sized them into the few places where veneer was missing.
I also replaced the missing section UNDER the lid (a 2" piece of rift cut oak veneer).   In this pic, the new pieces are
set in place with urethane woodworker glue, and I put Vaseline over the top of the decal, to protect it from any glue drips.

Another view of the repair, showing the LOWER forming block I made to go under the lid.

Clamped it overnight, sanded off the excess urethane glue and veneer edges above the level of the orignal veneer.
Darkened the newly glued chips with walnut stain, then applied light oak stain to blend it into the original color.
There is still some detailing needed to make the blend more even, including blending the grain highlights.
.  This will be done after the second repair area is cleaned, detailed, and completely smoothed.

The pic below depicts the repaired area with stain, and the second band of repairs being clamped.

Another view of upper clamp.  Compare these pics with the earlier ones showing the damaged area!

After sanding, removing excess glue, etc, I had to re-tone the bare wood with some lemon yellow and
light oak stain.  Blending with the original color is the tricky part.  After than, I applied 2 thin coats of shellac,
allowed it to dry, then matted it with "0000" steel wool and lemon oil.  

First, a reminder of what is looked like originally:


More shots of machine BEFORE:


The inside of the lid also needed a piece of veneer.  I glued it in using my forming block, then stained it to match.