Herzog mahogany disc cabinet.  Illustrated below are the BEFORE, REPAIR, AND AFTER photos.  Details attached to each photo.

Here is the BEFORE picture.  As you see, the cabinet arrived with no finish on it.
Gnawing damage on one of the bun feet, deep scratches in front door, deep rust stains in top veneer.
There were bad repairs already done to the cabinet.  The back panel was nailed on with cabinet nails,
the side veneers had peeled and were re-glued with wood glue, and incorrectly aligned, and the base
frame had come apart from wood expansion due to exposure to humidity.  Follow along as I repair this cabinet
and bring it back to its former glory!

This foot had curious gnawing damage to it.  

Very deep rust stains.  I tried using wood bleach, but they would not remove.
New veneer will be required.

Deep scratch in front door.  Too deep to use steam to expand wood fibers.
This will need sanding to reduce edge, then light filling with wood based filler, followed by dye toning.

Bottom joints loose.  This is due to water damage.  As you see, the inside bottom veneer is
warped, concealing what I would later find as damage to the oak core boards underneath. They had
come unglued, and were loose, mis-aligned, and also badly repaired by a previous owner.

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